Dr. Ankur Patwardhan, Head

Ankur Patwardhan holds a doctorate in Environmental Sciences. His current research projects focus on recovery, including ex-situ and bioprospecting of threatened plant taxa from Western Ghats of India, one of the 34 global biodiversity hot-spots. It includes quantification and mapping of plant resources of Western Ghats, besides documenting traditional knowledge and community conservation practices. He also undertakes Ecological Assessments projects and Biodiversity Management Plans. In honorary capacities, he guides research activities at RANWA (www.ranwa.org) and is on the editorial board of African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.

(1) Selected as a member of Maharashtra State Biodiversity Board.
(2) Ministry of Environment, Forest and climate change (MoEFCC) has entrusted the responsibility as a Chairman of High Level Monitoring Committee (HLMC) for Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani Ecosensitive zone.

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Email : ankurpatwardhan@gmail.com                                                        Web : www.ankurpatwardhan.com

Medhavi Tadwalkar

As a student of Masters in Biodiverisity, she worked on woody species diversity of the Protected Area in the northern part of Western Ghats, with special reference to Chandoli National Park. It included the studies related to existing woody species diversity and factors affecting diversity. Besides, she has also worked on documentation and nutritional analysis of Wild Edible Plants from Maval Taluk. With her team members, she developed a field guide and a recipe book of these plants. She worked as a Research Fellow on DBT funded project involving Mapping and Distribution of Plant Resources of Western Ghats after completing Masters. She was associated with the Biodiversity assessment studies for Forest Department and private land owners which also included consultation regarding plantation of Indigenous species. She worked as a consultant of herbal garden and home herbal garden for various stakeholders. Actively participated in the organizing the National Conference on Biodiversity Assessment, Conservation and Utilization (February 2012), organized by the Annasaheb Kulkarni Dept. of Biodiversity, Abasaheb Garware College, Pune.

Currently, she is Research Project Coordinator and Contributory Lecturer in the Department and a Research Associate of RANWA. Her research interests include gaining insights into plant- animal interaction especially dispersal in northern Western Ghats. She is also pursuing her Ph.D. in Phenological Studies of Plants in Amboli.

Email : medhavitadwalkar@yahoo.co.in    

Sonali Shinde

Sonali Shinde completed her Masters in microbiology. She was associated with several research projects in IBB, NCCS and URDIP. She has sound knowledge of basic microbiology, molecular tools, research methodologies and procedures of patenting an invention. She has her expertise in Molecular Modeling, Docking, Molecular Simulation and metabolic network construction to find the drug target. Results obtained by her are presented in various national and international conferences and are also published in international scientific journals of repute. Her research interests are natural product chemistry and exploring the microbial diversity. She is a member of Jaivik Shastram blog which explores day to day research in an around world and several opportunities important for a life science student.

Email : shindesonali14@yahoo.co.in    

Tejaswini Pachpor

Teaching professional with research experience. Doctorate in Microbiology with 2 yrs of postdoc experience. Hands on experience in yeast molecular biology, protein purification and characterization techniques and scale-up /process optimization for metal enriched yeast production. Have taught Masters and Bachelor students from multiple disciplines Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Optometry topics associated with Basic Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Immunology.

Email : tejaswini.pachpor@gmail.com    

  Adjunct Faculty

Dr. D.G. Naik

He has obtained Ph D. in Organic Chemistry from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune. He worked at Union Carbide (India) Ltd, R&D Center, Bhopal as a Research Officer from 1982-1986. During this period he was deputed as ‘Visiting  Scientist’ at Union Carbide Agricultural Products company, Research Triangle Park (NC), U.S.A. Later he joined Agharkar Research Institute in 1986 and retired as Head, Chemistry and Biometry department. Presently he is the Project Coordinator at Maharashtra Education Society, Pune and adjunct faculty at Annasaheb Kulkarni Department of Biodiversity.

His research interests include Semiochemicals, Natural product chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry. He is the pioneer in the field of Chemistry of Indian  honeybees. He has successfully carried out isolation, identification, synthesis and bioassay of important honeybee pheromones.

Email : dgnpune@gmail.com    

  Visiting Faculty

Milind Kothavade

Mr. Milind R. Kothavade is presently working as a Director of Efforts Academy, Pune an organization engaged in imparting quality education to students of all age groups for more than 17 years (Since 2000). He has worked as a full time activist in Narmada Bachao Aandolan and worked on issues related to Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development (1993-95). He has a rich experience of working as a Counselor and Motivator. Mr. Kothavade has participated in many national and international conferences. He has many publications to his name in many prestigious publications like Journal of US-China Public Administration, New York, U.S.A. He has recently co-authored a book “Socio-Economic Dynamics of Indian Society: A Historical Overview” at the hands of Shri. Mohan Bhagwat, Sarsanghchalak, R.S.S. and Shri. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, Niti Aayog, Govt. of India at Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai, India. Mr. Kothavade has received many prestigious awards including “Vidya Gaurav Award” by J.S.S.M. and T.S.S.M., Pune and “Visionary Leader Award” by I.G.C.C.I.A., India. Mr. Kothavade has recently initiated “Beti Padhao Abhiyaan (Movement to Educate Girl Child)" and successfully helped hundreds of girls by providing them educational facilities and career guidance at concessional rates or free of cost. 

Email : milindkothavade71@gmail.com    

Dr. Pankaj Koparde

I am interested in science-driven conservation research and outreach. My particular research interests include biogeography, conservation genetics, citizen science, landscape ecology, odonatology, and science communication. I am also involved in various citizen science projects concerning owls and dragonflies. My doctoral thesis explores evolutionary and ecological explanations to endemicity. For this, I work on the Critically Endangered Forest Owlet and other co-distributed owls. I use molecular tools and techniques, and RS-GIS based niche modeling approach to answering the questions. 

Email : pankajkoparde@gmail.com    

Dr. Makarand Pimputkar

Makarand’s study includes exploring ecology, population studies, cultivation, seed biology, regeneration and conservation aspects of two commercially important threatened plant species namely Salacia chinensis (vern. saptarangi) and Saraca asoca (vern. Seeta ashok). Salacia is mainly used in preparation of anti-diabetic medicines. Saraca is found effective in treatments of uterine disorders, piles and dysentery. He is being guided by Dr. Ankur Patwardhan and Dr. Mahesh Shindikar

Email : makarand.pimputkar@gmail.com    

  DBT Ramalingaswami Fellow

Dr. Dhanashree Ashok Paranjpe

Dhanashree holds doctoral degree in Animal behavior and Evolution. She recently finished her postdoctoral research at University of California, Santa Cruz, CA. She has received Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship from Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. Broad area of her research is Animal Behavior, Ecology and Evolution. Currently she is studying the impact of human vicinity on Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) populations in terms of feeding habits, reproductive behaviors, communication and demographics and the impact of peafowl on local economies in different localities across India.

Email : dhana4shree@gmail.com    

  Non Teaching / Support Staff

Ganesh Kale

Ganesh has a graduate degree in Commerce and is currently pursuing his M.Com from Pune University. He has recently joined the department as an administrative assistant. He has keen interest in accounting and is an avid nature lover.